Finally: People are putting away space heaters and installing air conditioners in an attempt to stay cool now that warmer temps have arrived across much of the country. And while throwing on the AC is the easiest way to lower the temperature indoors, the appliance can be costly both to buy and to constantly run. So on cooler days, why bother turning it on when you could prop up this top-rated portable fan a few inches away?  

The Honeywell Quiet Set Personal Table Fan is the ideal solution for those not-too-hot spring and summer days where you just need a pleasant breeze — and it purportedly uses 50 percent less energy than your typical AC. Though just 13 inches high, the oscillating table fan provides plenty of cool air via four power and sound settings: power cool, refresh, white noise, and sleep. Shoppers attest that it's wonderfully quiet even on the highest setting, so it's perfect for those who want to sleep in near silence. 

Since the fan is so slim and small, it can easily be moved from room to room and packed for camping and other car trips. At home, it can be placed on a nightstand or stationed on a desk, cooling you down all around the clock. 

Buy It! Honeywell Quiet Set Personal Table Fan, $23.99 (orig. $29.99);

Over 11,000 Amazon shoppers have given the table fan a five-star rating — it's even earned an Amazon's Choice label. Reviewers call it "the best fan for your bedroom" because it "drowns out snoring," as well as a "wonderful desk fan." Plus, customers say over and over again that the fan is "whisper quiet."

One shopper didn't realize how important it was to have a quiet desk fan "until I had a desk fan that wasn't quiet. That's why I chose this fan. It is extremely quiet, as well as compact, and more powerful than its size suggests. The oscillation makes zero noise, and on the lowest setting you can barely hear the fan. This fan fits perfectly on my desk." 

"I never thought I would be a fan of a fan but I am!" another reviewer says. "I am obsessed with this one. It is the best. You can put it right next to you [or] on your nightstand, which I do. Or on a desk. It's a cute little tower. It's whisper silent so I leave it on all night. It barely takes up any space. I'm even going to get a second one for the kitchen!"

Cool down this summer by shopping the Honeywell Quiet Set Personal Table Fan on sale for just $23.99 on Amazon.

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