A woman has been told to ‘have some self control’ after she suggested asking colleagues to only have office treats ‘occasionally’, so she wouldn’t be tempted to eat them.

We all know how appealing those office cakes and chocolates can be – especially during the afternoon slump – but this office worker says she is finding it so difficult to resist, that she’s even considering quitting her job.

Desperate, she took to Mumsnet for advice.

Writing on the parenting forum, she explained that after working in her job for a year, she’s gone up a dress size, and the only difference between this job and her last, is a well-stocked table of goodies.

She said: ‘It is a job where you end up incredibly tired sometimes and I have little will power around chocolate at the best of times but when I’m tired it’s a million times worse.

‘Essentially, I eat far more sweet things now due to this bloody table of junk food.

‘I don’t know what to do. I’d like to ask the team to save treats for an actual occasional treat but, simultaneously, if I’m the only one who has no will power, is it fair to request they adapt their behaviour for me?’

The poster is so concerned that she added she is ‘genuinely contemplating leaving’.

She said: ‘I just will not be able to manage my weight without a change in workplace culture.’

Some commenters came down pretty hard on the woman. ‘The problem is your lack of willpower and responsibility for your choices,’ said one person. A second added: ‘It’s not fair to everyone else to do without,’ while a third simply wrote: ‘It doesn’t work like that.’

But other users were kinder – and could relate to her predicament.

‘I totally get your point,’ came one reply. ‘I work in a stressful job where I crave carbs/treats for the dopamine.

‘I really wish people wouldn’t do it,’ said another. ‘If you’re tired and having that 3pm slump, it’s torture to resist sometimes.’

While a third said: ‘I feel for you and I believe work places should look out for their employee’s health. It ends up becoming a a pressure to bring things in for the table in a weird sort of generosity competition.’

Suggestions on how to avoid the snacks were also offered, with one person suggesting the poster worked from home, or asked her colleagues if the treats could be locked away.

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