Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel seasoning is a cult-favorite product for a reason— you can put it on, well, everything. Whether you’re whipping up some avocado toast or using it on an actual bagel, the seasoning is a quick way to add some extreme flavor to your dish. So you can imagine our excitement when we heard that the long-promised launch of Everything But the Bagel Potato Chips has finally arrived. Yep, we’ll give you a minute to process the news!

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The popular @traderjoesaficionado account shared the fantastic find with their followers and wrote, “🚨NEW🚨 EBTB Seasoned Kettle Cooked Potato chips! I’ll just leave this here! Will you be buying? 🤔” To the Instagrammer’s last question, we have one nothing more to say than a resounding YES!

Modeled after the popular seasoning, the spinoff kettle chips feature a delicious mix of sesame seeds, poppy seeds, onions, sea salt, and garlic — which means you’ll be able to find us regularly snacking on this mid-day treat. Hey, being that Trader Joe’s has created an Everything but the Bagel Greek Style Yogurt dip, this certainly isn’t the wildest new EBTB product the retailer has in stock — all of them just as magical though, of course.

And thanks to two user’s comments, we might have gotten a killer new snack idea: “nooo why do they do things like this to us??!?!” read the first comment, to which someone responded, “can you imagine this with a good DIP?!? Girl!” Hmm as a matter a fact we can imagine it — is Everything But the Bagel potato chips dipped into Everything But the Bagel dip too much? Um… BRB, we’ll let you know!

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