Daily Express tries out selection of Xmas sandwiches

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Christmas has come early at several major UK supermarkets. Express.co.uk was lucky enough to taste the best festive sandwiches Aldi, M&S, Lidl and Waitrose have to offer. What was our verdict on the supermarkets’ seasonal sarnies?


Express.co.uk tried Aldi’s Butter Eat & Go Deep Filled Turkey Feast, priced at just £1.99. This is the ultimate festive treat, packed with turkey breast, smoked bacon, pork, sage and onion stuffing and cranberry sauce.

Festive foodies at the Express thought this was a great bang for your buck. You can taste each individual Christmassy ingredient, with the stuffing a particular favourite.

Its only criticisms were that the bacon was a little fatty, and the packaging could have been a little more festive.

As for Aldi’s vegetarian Christmas sarnie, the Plant Menu Limited Edition Vegan Festive Feast, priced at £1.79, this went down a treat.

Complete with parsnip fritter, chunky cranberry chutney and sage and onion mayonnaise, there were a lot of festive flavours here.

Also available at Aldi this Christmas are the deluxe Specially Selected Butter Basted Turkey With Pigs Under Blanket Sandwich On Malted Bloomer Bread (£2.49) and Eat & Go Smoked Salmon & Soft Cheese Sandwich (£1.99).


Express.co.uk feasted on M&S Turkey Feast Sandwich and Brie & Cranberry vegetarian option. The turkey sandwich – which costs £3.65 – was much loved by the team, with one member rating the turkey, pork, sage and onion stuffing, smoked bacon and cranberry sauce sarnie a five out of five. 

The cheesy vegetarian option – priced at £3.50 – was also a solid sandwich, and was enjoyed by all who tried it. It was also given a perfect score for “festive fun”, although the cheesy concoction was not rated quite as highly as the traditional turkey.

Also available at M&S this Christmas is the Christmas club sandwich, complete with “12 layers of goodness” including but not limited to chicken, maple bacon, tangy cranberry sauce and M&S signature gravy mayonnaise.


Lidl kindly sent us over some of their Turkey Feast Sandwiches and Veggie Sandwiches. This one didn’t score too highly for presentation, but more than made up for it with its taste and festiveness. The stuffing was given an honourable mention.

The Brie & Cranberry veggie sarnie was also popular, although its one criticism was that the flavours were a little too strong.

Both make for an affordable festive lunchtime meal, with the Turkey Feast Sandwich priced at £1.99 and the Brie & Cranberry Sandwich at £1.89.

Also available at Lidl is the coveted Turkey and Falafel & Cranberry Wrap for foodies who want something a little lighter.


Express.co.uk tried Waitrose’s Christmas Turkey, Stuffing & Bacon Sandwich, priced at £4. Another jam-packed sandwich, it boasted turkey breast, pork and chestnut stuffing, turkey stock mayonnaise, cranberry and redcurrant chutney and smoked bacon.

It was thoroughly enjoyed by the team, however despite its price difference, was not rated much higher than Aldi’s cheaper version.

Waitrose’s Christmas Brie, Cranberry with Spinach sandwich, slightly less expensive at £3, was filled with brie cheese, cranberry and redcurrant chutney, mayonnaise and spinach. The appetising sandwich ranked highly all-round but particularly for presentation.

Also available at Waitrose is the Christmas Pigs Under Blankets sandwich, which is everybody’s favourite festive food staple.

This one is a meaty galore with pork sausage, cranberry and redcurrant chutney, smoked bacon and mayonnaise.

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Festive food lovers need not wait until Christmas day to feast on their favourite yuletide products.

You can head down to your nearest supermarkets throughout the month of December to sample turkey, bacon and stuffing.

Vegetarian and vegan alternatives are also available for plant-based Christmas concoctions.

For snacks and desserts, each supermarket also has plenty of Christmassy treats on offer, such as Aldi’s nine pack of Specially Selected Chocolate And Orange Mini Mince Pies for £1.99.

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