THERE'S nothing quite as annoying as spending ages making sure your locks look perfect only to have loads of fly-away hairs later in the day.

But it turns out there's a quick and easy fix.

You probably don't carry hairspray around with you, but you might have some lip gloss in your bag.

Well, not only can it make your lips look lush, it can also keep your hair exactly where you want it.

Skin and hare care obsessive Amy Chung shared the clever hack on her TikTok account and it's such a game changer.

"It doesn't matter if it's clear or colour, take a little bit, put it on your ends and shape it.


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"It's sticky and will hold your hair."

Amy used her lip gloss to style the ends of her curtain bangs to achieve the perfect blow dry look.

But she also used the lip gloss to flatten her locks down, stopping the stray hairs from stickup up.

The sticky consistency of the beauty product is perfect to hold your hair in place, who knew?!

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Just be careful not do over do it, as too much gloss could make your hair look greasy.

It turns out other hair and beauty fans have been using similar products in a pinch too.

One viewer commented: "I use chap stick all the time, and for my brows."

"I do this all the time with brow gel," another agreed.

"But who carries around brow gel?! Lip gloss, now that I always have with me," Amy replied.

One beauty lover commented: "Oh wow how didn't I already know this!!"

"Yes I've been doing this for years," someone else wrote.

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