TikTok user outlines 'hack' for getting fresh McDonald's fries

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McDonald’s recently bought back its famous Monopoly last month, which sees customers win free food as well as prizes. After being postponed last year due to the pandemic, some people have complained that their stickers have expired.

The pandemic meant that McDonald’s monopoly couldn’t go ahead due to its restaurants being closed for several months.

However, the fast food chain had already started production on the packaging, with over 200 million Monopoly game pieces already printed.

Although the dates are expired on the new packaging, McDonald’s repurposed it to avoid waste.

Taking to Twitter to share their confusion, customers explained that they have been “left in the dark” about what is going on.

One person said: “Why is it that a sticker I just got yesterday expired back in May, so confusing.”

Another wrote: “I’m so confused about why my sticker expired at the beginning of the year, what’s going on?”

“Customers have been left in the dark, more people need to be talking about this,” tweeted a third.

A McDonald’s spokesperson said: “Packaging and Game Pieces printed prior to rescheduling couldn’t be securely reprinted in time, so new dates apply.

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“Consumers must see the website or ask in restaurants to find details of all rescheduled enter-form/until dates and claim or redeem prizes-by dates.”

Customers should ignore the dates seen on the stickers as they will still be valid.

New expiry dates:

– Collect to win non-food prizes: Old date June 4, 2021, new date November 11, 2021

– Collect to win food prizes: Old date May 18, 2021, new date October 19, 2021

– Instant win non-food prize or discount: Old date June 4, 2021, new date November 5, 2021

– Instant win food or Just Eat vouchers: Old date May 18, 2021, new date October 19, 2021

– Instant win discount voucher (excluding Just Eat) old date August 31, 2021, or earlier, new date January 31, 2022

– Online game: Old date May 5, 2021, new date October 15, 2021

McDonald’s urges customers to check the new expiry date of their Monopoly stickers to make sure they don’t miss out.

Lucky players could win free food in McDonald’s as well as up to £100,000 in cash, a holiday or a hot-tub.

Customers can pick up their meal via a restaurant or Drive-Thru.

McDonald’s food is also delivered by third party apps such as Just Eat and UberEats for a small charge.

Like many other companies, the fast food chain is experiencing food shortages and milkshakes are off the menu for customers. 

The popular drink is currently unavailable across outlets in England, Scotland and Wales.

A spokesperson said: “Like most retailers, we are currently experiencing some supply chain issues, impacting the availability of a small number of products. 

“Bottled drinks and milkshakes are temporarily unavailable in restaurants across England, Scotland and Wales.

“We apologise for any inconvenience, and thank our customers for their continued patience. We are working hard to return these items to the menu as soon as possible.”

In a statement, McDonald’s added the issues resulted from “the nationwide shortage of HGV drivers.”

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