Quality Street – magic moments

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Chocolate brands are always changing and updating their range to satisfy consumers’ demands and needs. Since 1936, Quality Street has drastically changed its iconic tin of shiny wrapped chocolates and some sweets might be unrecognisable today to even the most avid fans.

Quality Street is one of Nestlé’s most famous tins, popular at Christmas among British families.

This year, the food brand is giving its customers the chance to see the return of one of its classic sweets.

The public will be given the opportunity to vote on which chocolate they want to be included in next year’s Quality Street tins.

There will be five chocolates to choose from, and only one will make the cut.

One chocolate first appeared in the tin in 1936, while others were introduced to Quality Street’s collection gradually.

The flavours customers can choose from are Vanilla Octagon, Almond Octagon, Fruits of the Forest Crème, Jaffa Toffee, and Coffee Crème.

Jaffa Toffee is one of the oldest Quality Street sweets and featured in the infamous tins as far back as the 1930s.

The sweet is an orange-flavoured toffee covered in orange milk chocolate.

Vanilla Octagon is a milk chocolate sweet filled with a smooth vanilla centre.

Meanwhile, the Almond Octagon is similar to the Vanilla but contains crispy nut pieces.

The Fruits of the Forest Crème is what it says on the tin – a dark chocolate filled with a forest fruits-flavoured fondant.

Lastly, the Coffee Crème is again a dark chocolate, but filled with a fondant the flavour of coffee.

The poll has not yet been launched, but Nestlé has said it hopes to introduce the winning flavour to its tins early next year.

However, the chocolate brand has already added a new chocolate to this year’s tins.

Called the Crème Caramel Crisp, it is Quality Street’s first white chocolate offering.

The sweet has a crème caramel custard dessert flavour and contains crispy biscuit pieces.

However, the new chocolate is available only at John Lewis stores, where fans can buy a tub and pick and mix their favourite Quality Streets chocolates to put in it.

Quality Street’s brand manager, Cat Mews, said: “We know how much people missed our pick and mix stations at John Lewis last year, so we are delighted to announce that they are back for 2021.

“Best of all, you can tailor the contents exactly to your liking, whether that means nothing but purple ones, a tin full of toffees or a feast of fruit cremes.”

Speaking about the chocolate brand’s upcoming poll, Emily Grimbley, assistant brand manager, said: “We know how much fans love to reminisce about old Quality Street varieties – there are even Facebook groups dedicated to their return.

“Now, we want to hear from consumers about which of five classic retro Quality Street sweets they would most like to see return.”

Customers can vote for their flavour of choice on Quality Street’s website.

Voting will open 10am on Thursday, November 18, and close at 4pm on November 26.

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