WHEN you're having a stressful day, nothing clears our heads quite like popping out to get a coffee and having a little stroll.

But as TikTok star Dahgari is knee-deep in exam revision, she settled for the next best thing: ordering a Starbucks on a delivery app.

Before paying for her iced Mocha, the app has an empty box where customers can add any information that the restaurant needs to know.

Usually, this function is reserved for people with allergies or maybe don't want their order immediately.

However, Dahgari thought she could use a little pick-me-up from the person making her coffee.

She wrote: "I'm studying for a hard exam, can you please write something that makes me happy?"


She then filmed her coffee arriving in a TikTok video and hoped that the barista would have written an inspirational quote on the side of her cup.

However, she was less than impressed to find that they'd either completely forgotten to do it or ignored her request entirely.

She captioned the clip: "I asked a Starbucks employee to write me something and this is how it went.."

What's more, viewers were quick to criticise the unusual request and accuse the student of giving the baristas extra work.

One wrote: "Their job isn't to decorate your cup.

"You realise that sometimes there's a rush and they're making drinks non-stop? Their job is to make your coffee."

Another added: "They get paid like $9 an hour and you expect them to care."

"They're a barista, not a therapist," a third replied.

"Entitled behaviour," a fourth wrote. "They might have been in a rush or dealing with three other customers."

Speaking from experience, a fifth said: "Imagine being on bar and you've got 30 frappuccinos lined up and this pops out of your receipt machine."

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