Sunday roast is a meal that usually shouldn’t be messed with.

While each family might have a slightly different take, we know what we like.

But Pizza Hut has thrown all the rules out the window and combined it with a pizza.

The latest addition to the menu at the chain includes a red wine gravy base with pieces of beef, stuffing and roast potato on top.

The pizza costs from £13.99, depending on which size you order. You can also pay extra for a stuffed crust if you prefer.

It’s part of a ‘staycation or vacation’ themed menu, with the roast dinner pizza representing sticking to the UK, while flavours from abroad include a Spanish-style chicken and chorizo pizza and Italian-style cheese and tomato bites.

Prices for the Spanish pizza also start at £13.99 and the bites cost £4.99.

Another addition to the menu is the Ben & Jerry’s salted caramel cookie dough chunks costing £5.99.

Amelia Riba, chief brand officer for Pizza Hut UK, said: ‘We wanted to offer something for all occasions, by showcasing the best of British as well as offering a taste of abroad.

‘We hope the new pizzas, side and dessert offer something for everyone, and that customers get to try our incredible new Roast Dinner pizza offering.’

The new choices will be available from 700 restaurants across the UK for delivery, but will not be on the dine-in menu.

It’s not the first time Pizza Hut has put gravy on a pizza – a limited-edition collaboration with KFC sold out quickly last year, and was popular again this year.

Fans weren’t so sure about the extra roast dinner elements though.

Announcing the news on social media, one person responded: ‘Sunday dinner on a pizza?

‘Surely that’s not real,’ someone else said.

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