Are you a daredevil when it comes to spice?

If so, you’re in luck, because for a short time you can try the fiercest flavour sauce at Nando’s.

Called Vusa XX Hot, it’s the brand’s hottest spice level – and is only for the bravest among us.

Back today in the UK and Ireland, it won’t stick around for long – and Nando’s haven’t confirmed when it’ll go.

It’s back by popular demand, despite the fact it’ll likely make your eyes and nose stream.

Inspired by Southern Africa heritage (in Zulu, Vusa means ‘excitement and fire’), this spice level sits higher than its Extra-Hot level on the famous PERi-ometer.

Nando’s has created a tongue-in-cheek liability waiver for those who dare to try it, where it asks spice fans to ‘confirm I know where to find the Bottomless Froyo machine’.

Also new for 2023, their Spiced Chickpea recipe is now available in a wrap or pitta, giving more plant-based options for customers.

Alongside the chickpeas, there’s a spinach patty, houmous, pink pickled onions, smoky red pepper chutney, and lettuce.

So it makes getting your daily veggie intake a little easier.

Run, don’t walk – the sauce won’t be around for long.

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