With breakfast the most important meal of the day, lots of parents want to make sure their children avoid sugary cereals.

But this can be difficult if your child is a fussy eater.

The good news is that one mum has shared a genius hack that puts a healthier spin on popular branded cereals.

Taking to the Facebook group Aldi Mums, she shared her own method for reducing sugar at breakfast time, which involves creating her own hybrid cereal.

The clever mum explains that she mixes Coco Pops and Rice Krispies (or their supermarket equivalents) for a half and half bowl.

In the caption, she writes: ‘I’m not sure if anyone else does this, but this is my trick to reduce the sugar in my son’s morning cereal.

‘He loves Coco Pops (or any brand variant of it, this is the Aldi one) and it’s pretty much the only thing he will eat at breakfast.

‘I always buy one box of Coco Pops and one box of Rice Puffs and mix them half and half.’

She explains that it not only looks more visually appealing to her son, but it is better for him, too. 

‘It looks more interesting and it cuts the sugar content down without tasting terrible. I’ve been doing this for years and never any complaints,’ she adds.

Naturally, parents have been commenting on the effective trick – branding her a ‘genius’ for her creativity.

One person commented: ‘I’ll definitely be doing this. Great idea.’

While another added: ‘This is simple yet brilliant.’

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