A cooking enthusiast has gone viral online after showing fellow foodies how to cook “absolutely unreal” poached eggs in minutes using an air fryer.

Content creator @airfryeruk1 demonstrated to fans how her fool-proof technique produces the perfect eggs, declaring: “Let’s make air fryer poached eggs, and let me tell you they are absolutely incredible.

“Just look at that yolk,” the content creator adds as she cuts through a perfectly poached egg with a firm white case and runny middle.

She goes on: “What I did was spray a couple of these little glass dishes, with a little bit of olive oil and they fill them just above halfway with boiling water from the kettle.

“Then you just want to crack your eggs in. Be careful [when doing] this so that you […] don’t break the yolk.”

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Once each dish contains a cracked egg, they are placed inside an air fryer and left to cook for 6 minutes at 200 degrees, on Air Fryer mode.

“After six minutes they should look something like this,” says the cook as she pulls open the tray of the appliance.

The next step is to drain all the excess water from the bowls before you are left with two perfectly poached eggs, as demonstrated in the video.

The cook explained that it may be necessary to go around the edges with a knife to help the eggs slide out of the bowl effortlessly, adding: “Pop them on a plate with whatever you want to serve them with and look at these, absolutely unreal.”

The hack has racked up more than 31,000 likes to date, leaving fans impressed by the innovation of the cook and her techniques.

“I knew there was a there I kept all those Gu pots!” wrote one viewer. “Looks amazing, definitely going to try this one.”

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Another penned: “Wow someone who actually tells you what mode what temp and for how long thanks 🙂 more should do this”

Some others pointed out a potential hazard from using glass ramekins in an air fryer, warning that the glass could crack.

“I did this. The glass cracked,” wrote one person.

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