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If someone calls you a fool, your first instinct might be to be offended. But what if they’re actually talking about the vintage sweet dessert that pairs stewed fruits with a creamy custard? That would actually be kind of a nice compliment. Fools may have gone out of fashion, but Martha Stewart just brought them back in a big way, and her easy recipe for Blueberry Fool, which is like a cross between a pavlova and a parfait, is bound to be the star dessert of your summer.

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Stewart’s fool departs from the traditional recipe in a couple of ways, and her changes make this recipe pretty effortless. Instead of taking the time to sit over a hot stove top constantly stirring a pot of custard, Stewart opts to use low-fat plain yogurt as the creamy element in her dessert.

Then, in order to add some chewy crunch to the recipe, she adds in some broken up pieces of meringue cookies. We love Trader Joe’s Vanilla Meringues Cookies.
The pairing of the meringue with cool creamy yogurt and fruit reminds us of a pavlova, and the layering of fruit, cream, and cookies reminds us of a parfait, but this is so much easier to make.

Courtesy of Trader Joe’s.

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As for the fruit, Stewart whips up a fast blueberry-thyme jam. All you need are fresh or frozen blueberries, a touch of sugar, and fresh thyme. The result is a slightly sweet blueberry compote with a hint of woodsy thyme. Even better? If you want to make this dessert even easier to put together, you can just pair a jar of blueberry-thyme preserves with the yogurt and meringue cookies, for a totally storebought dessert that tastes homemade.

Courtesy of Callie’s.

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What we like about this recipe is how flexible it is. You can use any type of fruit and herb pairing you like (strawberry basil, raspberry lemongrass, you name it), swap out the plain yogurt for Greek yogurt, fold in some whipped cream, use chocolate meringue cookies instead of vanilla — the options are endless. And you’d be a fool (see what we did there) not to try it.

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