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The snow is falling, the winds are howling, it’s freezing outside and inside, and that means one thing: it’s soup season. There’s just something about a warm bowl or mug of soup that makes winter seem a little more tolerable, from the cozy whisps of steam that rise from your soup and warm the tip of your nose, to the savory broth as it heats you from the inside out with each sip. Oh, and the copious amounts of bread and biscuits we consume to make sure we get every last drop out of the bowl. Ina Garten clearly knows a thing or two about cozy living, as any of her soup and stew recipes could show you. But Garten’s chicken pot pie soup recipe, which she’s apparently been working on for awhile, might just be her coziest winter recipe yet.


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Chicken pot pie is one of our favorite hearty winter meals, but turning it into a belly-warming soup – one topped with puff pastry croutons, too – is another example of Garten’s genius. The recipe can be found in Garten’s latest cookbook, Modern Comfort Food, but lucky for us, she just shared it on her website, too.

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Garten’s chicken pot pie soup is more than just a regular chicken soup. It’s made with leeks, fennel, and tarragon, roasted chicken breast meat, and is enriched with cream sherry and Parmesan rinds to develop even more flavor. The broth is lightly thickened with Wondra flour. It also contains peas, pearl onions, and carrots, along with fresh parsley for a bit of brightness.

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Then, mimicking the crust you might get on your favorite pot pie, Garten cuts out pieces of puff pastry into whimsical shapes like stars and hearts, and baked them until puffed and golden. Add a few to each bowl, and you’ll be devouring pure comfort.

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Don’t be afraid to experiment a little. If your family traditionally adds corn to your chicken pot pie and it just wouldn’t be the same without, feel free to add it in. Likewise, you can swap the puff pastry croutons for buttery biscuits if that’s your jam. But keep the abundant amount of leeks and fennel called for in the recipe, which enrich the broth with savory-sweet vegetal flavor.

This isn’t the first Garten recipe we’ve fallen in the love with this winter, and we have a feeling it definitely won’t be the last.

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