There’s nothing better than an ice-cold beer (or wine) on a hot day. However, one leads to two, maybe three (or a bottle!) and the next day, you’re feeling worse for wear, missing fitness classes, eating badly.

But what if there was still a way to enjoy the experience without the perils of alcohol? All hail the rise of the NoLo drinks.

Research from the International Wine And Spirits Record (IWSR) shows that alcohol consumption has been on the decline over the past decade, and this has given way to a new market of no and low (NoLo) alcoholic beverages.

According to the IWSR, NoLo sales grew by 17% in the UK last year. They’re calling it a ‘moderation trend’ and with no-alcohol drinks (below 0.5% ABV) outperforming low-alcohol drinks (between 0.05 and 1.2% ABV), it could be due to a more health-conscious population post-Covid.

Cutting back on alcohol can not only improve your mood (alcohol can make stress and anxiety worse), sleep (when you drink you spend less time in the deep, restorative stages of sleep) and boost concentration and energy levels, but it can reduce your risks of getting serious illnesses like cancer and liver and heart disease.

‘Consumers are becoming increasingly mindful of how much alcohol they consume,’ says Anjali Douglas from The Wine And Spirit Education Trust. ‘Until recently, there hasn’t been a huge number of options for those that want to avoid alcohol and creating something flavoursome, that tastes “grown up”.’

Seedlip was the first brand to launch with a range of distilled non-alcoholic spirits in 2015 and more products, such as Ceders, hit shelves after that. Established brands like Gordons and San Miguel have also launched 0% ABV products.

‘There is still a lot of education needed when it comes to this emerging trend,’ says Rosie Lees, co-founder of Nineteen94, a communications agency specialising in the drinks industry, and one of the judges on the IWSC NoLo panel.

She continues: ‘Back in the day, non-alcoholic alternatives were sickly sweet juice-like options and earliest iterations of low and no products fell short from a taste perspective.

‘However, these days, there’s a wide variety of products with different flavour profiles, price points and drink styles.’

Here are some tipples to try:

Atopia Spirits

Atopia Spirits has three 0.5% ABV drinks.

Hedgerow Berry, Rhubarb And Ginger and Spiced Citrus incorporate all-natural flavourings and ingredients that are great for a summer spritz.

Buy it for £23 (70cl) from Atopia Spirits.

Crossip Drinks

Founded by a cocktail expert, CROSSIP says spirit imitations get lost as soon as they’re mixed so offer bold, intense flavours with depth.

It has 4% ABV products that can create everything from a Cosmo to a rum punch.

Buy it for £22 (50cl) from Crossip Drinks.

New London Light

New London Light 0% ABV bottles can be enjoyed straight up, with tonic, or as part of a cocktail.

Whether it’s an aperitif, or a gin alternative, these are made with all natural ingredients and contain no artificial flavours or added sugar.

Buy it for £27.50 (70cl) from Salcombe Gin.

Lyre Classico Grande

Non-alcoholic spirits brand Lyre’s has launched a bottle of bubbles.

The Classico Grande has a classic green apple tartness followed by pear, peach and red apple to taste.

Buy it for £9.99 (750ml) from Lyres.


Caleño create tropical drinks with Colombian fiesta vibes. The Dark And Spicy option is a non-alcoholic spiced rum alternative that’s packed with complex flavours of Colombia like pineapple, coconut and ginger.

Serve with ginger ale over ice.

Buy it for £18 (50cl) from Caleno Drinks.

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