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One celebrity chef has revealed the ultimate hack to make a “perfect” grilled cheese sandwich. James Lamprey is a Tiktok creator with over two million followers who shares tips and tricks on cooking on his account @officalfunfoods.

James posted the grilled cheese sandwich hack which has attracted over 24 thousand views. The chef said: “I’m going to teach you a cooking hack that will help you make grilled cheese sandwiches.”

In the video, James begins by taking two pieces of white bread and has said his trick to making a grilled cheese sandwich is to not use butter.

Instead, James has said to use mayonnaise to help the grilled cheese sandwich cook to perfection. He said: “This is gonna help it cook perfectly without burning the toast.”

The next step is to put the mayonnaise side down on the pan and then add shredded cheese before placing the other piece of bread on top. James said: “Now, this is the easy part. Put the butter side down and add your cheese. Put your other bread on top.”

@officialfunfoods Grilled cheese cooking hack. #cookinghacks #lifehacks #funfoods #fyp ♬ original sound – James Lamprey

However, James had a great tip on how to flip a grilled cheese without making a mess, as using a spatula to turn over the sandwich can cause it to break apart.

While the grilled cheese sandwich was cooking, the chef placed his spatula underneath it and lifted the sandwich. While he held the grilled cheese steady in one hand, he took his cooking pan and flipped it upside down and carefully placed the grilled cheese with his specula before putting the pan back down.

He explained: “What you want to do instead is scoop under it, hold it steady, turn the pan upside down, place it in there ad then slowly put it back. “

James said: “This way it doesn’t fall all over the place and you have a perfect crust. And that’s how you make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich.”

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While many of James’ fans loved the cooking hack and said this was the best way to make a grilled cheese, some were not as impressed with the hacks.

Some commentators said the best way to avoid a grilled cheese sandwich falling apart while cooking was to use a slice of cheese instead of shredded cheese.

Tammy Gilliam wrote: “How about using a slice of cheese instead?”

Another user named RayRay wrote: “I’ve flipped them my whole life, none have ever fell apart because I let the cheese melt BEFORE flipping it”


One other fan was also hesitant by the suggestion to tip the pan, as they wrote: “For the flip tip, all the crumbs will fall onto the stove then”.

Some fans also found the suggestion to use mayo instead of butter controversial, and one user said “blocked you for suggesting mayo” which James replied to with amusement.

However, one fan named Destiny thanked James for his suggestions another user named Kyla defended the hacks and wrote: “I’ve been doing this for so long, it is the best way to make a grilled cheese”.

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