If you were hoping to see Fade or Rhapsody pop up in the console and PC versions of Apex Legends, Respawn is going to disappoint you.

Despite having a fairly sizable player base, Apex Legends Mobile will be shut down this May, just shy of its first anniversary, and has already been delisted from the Apple and Google Play stores.

Its shutdown alone was disappointing news for fans, but what’s worse is that the game’s exclusive content is going with it.

Developer Respawn says that, for the time being, it has no plans to transfer any of the mobile game’s content to the main ‘HD’ version that’s available on consoles and PC.

This news comes ahead of the release of Apex Legend’s Season 16 on February 14, which, surprisingly, looks to not introduce any new playable characters.

You might have hoped that Respawn would use the opportunity to bring in one of Apex Legends Mobile’s exclusive characters – Fade or Rhapsody – but it seems both are doomed to be lost to the ether once the mobile game is shut down.

‘The content we created in [Apex Legends Mobile] was intended for one type of experience and HD is a different type of experience,’ game director Steve Ferreira explained to The Loadout.

While he did suggest that Respawn could always bring the mobile-only content to the console and PC versions in the future, he added, ‘Right now, [Respawn] is not planning to do that.’

It’d certainly be a missed opportunity if Respawn never adds Fade and Rhapsody to the main game. It’s not as if the character’s abilities could only work on mobile, with Fade boasting teleportation powers and Rhapsody capable of buffing teammates with the power of music.

There were apparently plans to add more exclusive characters to the mobile game, according to a datamine. So, it’d also be a shame if those characters were just scrapped rather than implemented into the main game.

That said, Respawn is plenty busy already, with at least another seven Apex Legends characters already planned for the foreseeable future according to a separate and far larger leak.

On top of that, it’s finishing up Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, which has been delayed from March to April, and is meant to be working on at least two other Star Wars titles.

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