A Terry’s chocolate orange is an iconic British treat that often shows up in many Christmas stockings or birthday gift bags for most Brits.

The chocolate brand is known for its “Don’t tap it… Whack it!” adverts which often appear on British television near the Christmas holidays. It encourages people to whack the chocolate orange ball hard on a surface before unwrapping it in order to free the pieces.

However, one American woman has baffled Brits after she bit into the treat like a piece of fruit and has gone viral after not being able to figure out how to eat the chocolate orange properly.

Alex Murphy (@almurph18) is an ice skater and social media star after she made a video trying out and reviewing “weird British foods.”

She held up a Terry Chocolate Orange and said: “Okay so [my boyfriend] brought me this apparent Christmas classic for British people. It’s a chocolate orange so we’re going to review some weird British foods.”

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Alex begins opening up the chocolate packaging and her boyfriend in the background of the video can be heard saying a Terry Chocolate Orange is “one of the best chocolates.”

After trying to get it out of the packaging, Alex said::“British people have really strange chocolate…is it an actual fruit?” Alex’s boyfriend can then be heard joking it is “actually one of your five a day.”

Alex then looks puzzled after holding the chocolate orange stating that it’s “heavy” and adding: “Oh my God, it’s huge, look at that!”

She then smelled it and said: “It’s an actual full-blown chocolate orange! Apparently, it’s made with real orange oil.”

However, Alex then decided to give the chocolate a try by biting into the whole thing, which has horrified some British people on social media.

The chocolate falls apart in her mouth and Alex appears to have hurt herself biting into the whole chocolate orange, as she ends the video touching her tooth and saying “ow!”

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@almurph18 My boyfriend will never forgive me after this… ������ #ukvsusa #americanintheuk ♬ original sound – almurph18

Many British social media users have quickly taken to Alex’s video comment section to set the record straight on the correct way to eat a chocolate orange.

One user said: “ “Blasphemer! Heretic! You can’t just eat a chocolate orange like that.”

Another person wrote: “Who BITES into a chocolate orange! It clearly looks sliced, and British food is not weird!”

Someone else said: “I am shocked to my core she took a whole bite, no wonder her mouth hurt!”

A fourth commentator wrote: “I think the whole of the UK is gasping right now.”

In the comment section, Alex admitted that eating the chocolate orange was “painful” and in her video description joked: “My boyfriend will never forgive me for this!”

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