BARBIE is all the rage since the movie with Margot Robbie came out this summer, with pink becoming the trendiest colour of 2023. 

And after falling head over heels for the film, one woman decided she absolutely had to pink-ify her life by getting her boring Tesla wrapped in a sparkling shade. 

Going straight to Jay, who markets himself as the ‘wrap specialist’, estate agent Jess asked for her car to be Barbiefied. 

TikTok user @jaythewrapspecialist, who is based in Houston, Texas, in the US, got straight to work and posted a video of the process online for all to see. 

“Customer saw my videos and wanted her Tesla wrapped in pink,” he shared as he carefully cut the vinyl and placed it over the sides of her car. 

Wearing a pair of white gloves, he carefully secured the wrap over every inch of the car and only used a knife to cut around edges and get it looking seamless. 

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He then got rid of all the bubbles before adding Jess’ social media handle onto the back window of the car – also in pink.

“An all time favourite for many!” he wrote in the caption. 

Jess then teased the finished product on her own TikTok account as she posted a short clip of her hand in front of the Tesla. 

Her nails were also painted in a Barbie pink shade, matching the car. 

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“Material gworl,” she wrote in the caption.

And when one person begged her to “make a video in daylight” with Aqua’s Barbie Girl playing in the background, she happily obliged with the request. 

Viewers could see the Tesla positioned by the sea with blue skies above it as she panned the camera from the front over to the sides.

TikTok user @txrealtorjess added in the caption: “I’m a barbie girl,” followed by a red heart emoji. 

People were quick to comment on the videos as one person wrote: “I’m pink with envy!!!”

Another shared: “I don’t think YOUUUUUUU understand I’m obsesssssseddduuhhhh!!! Currently looking at wraps for my Benz!” 

“Let’s go Barbie!” a third said. 

A fourth person then questioned: “How much was the wrap?” to which another replied: “Hers was 8k (£6,461), pretty sure it depends on the car though”. 

Meanwhile, another person asked: “If you get in a car accident, do you have to unwrap and re-wrap again?” 

Jay responded: “Normally you rewrap the pieces that get damaged only. Unless its been on for a good while it may not match”. 

Another questioned: “How does the blade not scratch the car?” followed by a shocked face emoji.

“You cut between panels not on the actual car itself. Still gotta be careful though!” he replied. 

While another asked: “When you take wrap off can it damage the paint underneath if you live in a really hot state?” 


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He replied: “As long as it is factory paint in great condition, installed correctly, and removed properly it won’t.” 

Would you ever wrap your car in Barbie vinyl? 

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