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You know that as soon as you cut open a fresh avocado it’s a race against the clock to eat it before it browns. And when you put in the work to make delicious guacamole, it can be even more devastating when you go back for more a day later and find that your dip has gone completely brown even though you stored it in the most air-tight container you have. So what are avocado lovers to do?

It’s simple: just grab this TikTok-famous guacamole keeper on Amazon and never deal with brown avocadoes again.

The PrepWorks by Progressive guacamole keeper is a super simple storage container that removes all the air out of your fresh smashed avocado or guacamole (or any other dips) and keeps it green for days. TikTok creator @kami.larae tested it out on a tub of store-bought guac and found that the PrepWorks guacamole keeper kept the dip super fresh for at least four days.

Just fill the basin with your dip, and insert the air-tight lid into the basin to remove any excess air. Then, when it’s time to eat, just use the handles to release the seal and see just how fresh the PrepWorks guacamole keeper kept your avocado.

Image: Progressive

“Amazing! It truly works!!!” one five-star reviewer wrote about the PrepWorks by Progressive guacamole keeper. “I forgot I had it in my fridge and three weeks later it was still green! … I can finally buy Costco avocados and they won’t go bad!!!”

Another five-star reviewer called this container a “miracle” adding, “I am a regular person that was sick and tired of wasting avocados and have tried every trick but nothing worked… [the PrepWorks guacamole keeper] works and I couldn’t be any happier. Relax don’t overthink the process cause it’s really simple.”

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