In a new video on his channel, YouTuber Joe Duff, a.k.a. the Diet Chef, shares the recipe for the smoothie he has been making every day during a recent cut phase, either as a pre or post-workout shake, and explained how it has aided him in his weight loss goals. (He also demonstrates how to mix a banana-free version of the shake for anyone who is looking for a more keto-friendly option.)

“After I drink the shake, I am usually not hungry for the rest of the day,” he says. “Usually I have this in the morning and I can go hours and hours without eating.” He credits this to the fact that the shake is high in protein, is high-volume, and also contains some caffeine.

The base of the shake is 1 cup of milk (Duff uses unsweetened vanilla almond milk, although this is a case of personal preference). He then adds a single small to medium-sized banana, around 45 grams of sugar-free, low-carb Hershey’s chocolate syrup, and three tablespoons of black cocoa powder, which helps to recreate both the taste and texture of an Oreo cookie.

Duff follows this up with a scoop of protein powder and 2 to 3 cups of ice, and blends it all together. Then, once he has decanted the shake into a glass, he tops it with some whipped cream, and a sprinkle more of the black cocoa powder.

“It’s legitimately an Oreo in smoothie form,” he says.

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