A WOMAN was left horrified after finding a stomach-churning layer of thick mould in her car boot.

TikTok user Sandra Genee, who works for a car cleaning company in the US, was tasked with cleaning out a client’s vehicle – but was not prepared for what she found.

In a grim clip that has racked up 388,000 views, she showed how the mould was concealed under the flap that conceals the spare tyre.

She wrote in the caption: “1 like = 1 prayer for her lungs cause she been driving in that car not knowing there was black mould.”

The entire underside of the boot can be seen coated in fluffy white mould.

Sandra later explained how the mould had built up, and said: “A leak from somewhere that caused water to build up in the trunk and with this Florida sun it probably started growing and spreading fast.”

She said her client had no idea the problem was so bad, as she had only seen the small amount in the main boot.

Sandra said: “She was so mad that she tore the head liner down. ‘Plot twist is, she probably knew and faked like she didn’t.”

People were horrified at the video, with one saying: “How did they not smell it.”

Another added: “I’m surprised she didn’t get sick! We spend more time in our cars than we realise!”

A third wrote: “I think she knew but didn’t want to admit it.”

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