FRESHENING up make-up brushes can be a fiddly and time-consuming business.

Fortunately, a woman called Stephanie has revealed her genius hack for cleaning them up in no time at all – and with zero effort required.

In a post on TikTok, the social media user explained that all you need is an old pillow case.

The savvy woman then demonstrated in the video how she chucked all her grubby brushes inside, to stop them getting lost, and knotted it at the top.

Next, she placed it inside the washing machine and added a "little" soap powder to the drum.

Her final step was to put it on a gentle 30-degree delicate cycle, admitting she was a bit nervous about what she had done.

Amazing! Doing this tomorrow as my brushes are needing a clean and I dread it normally

Captioning the clip, Stephanie wrote: "Bad mistake or best idea?"

In a follow-up video, she joked: "What the f**k am I going to fid in here? Praying to little baby Jesus that this has worked."

The beauty fan then opened up the bag to find that her bright idea had worked really well, and left the brushes to air dry.

Commenting on how freshly-cleaned one was, she exclaimed: "Wow so fluffy!"


Stephanie's posts, which have been watched more than 740,000 times between them, have received tens of thousands of 'likes'.

One person wrote: "I so want to do this but so scared of ruining my brushes."

Another commented: "Amazing! Doing this tomorrow as my brushes are needing a clean and I dread it normally."

However, other viewers cautioned that this should be done sparingly, with one sharing: "Your brushes are going to come apart if you keep doing this."

Another added: "This is good for a few times, but I think it would damage the glue in them."

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