A WOMAN was left red-faced after she freaked out about a mystery handprint on her back – only to discover she’d put it there herself.

TikTok user Hari Beavis, whose profile can be found at @haribeavis, took to the social media platform to reveal she’d been left scared after finding a handprint mark on her back while she was in the shower.

She explained to her followers: “I’m about to show you guys the freakiest thing ever.

“I’ve just got out of the shower and I’ve been in the sun all morning and editing, so using both my hands on my phone and my laptop – haven’t touched my back or anything.”

Hari then showed her followers her back, which had a hand print mark right at the top of it.

She then asked: “Does someone want to tell me why there’s a handprint from the sun on my back?

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The influencer further clarified that nobody else had touched her and she couldn’t for the life of her think about how it had got there.

However, once she posted the video titled ‘I’m freaking out’ her followers were quick to tell her what the cause is – and she was left seriously embarrassed. 

One wrote: “Hahaha from where you’ve applied sun cream.”

A second said: “Did you put suncream on?”

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While a third pointed out: “Suncream on your hand and you touched your back?”

It was then that the penny dropped for Harri, who replied: “I’m an idiot. Thank you. I’m not scared any more.”

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When another person wrote: “Must be a tan outline from where you touched your back from when you had suncream on your hand from applying it to your face,” she was once again quick to respond.

She said: “I’ve figured it out now” with a string of crying laughing emojis.

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