A WOMAN was left in hysterics after ordering two different jumpers from Shein which both had spelling mistakes on them.

The woman posted the video to her TikTok account, isabellarobshaw, where it has been viewed 1.5 million times.

American-style jerseys and sweatshirts have become popular again and Isabella was quick to bag up Shein's versions.

At a first glance, the sweatshirts appear to have nothing wrong with them.

But as Isabella, 21, warns in the video; "This is a sign to proofread your Shein order before checking out."

The first sweatshirt Isabella bought was a stunning forest green colour which she thought featured the words "CALIFORNIA San Fransisco" in a white font.

But at closer inspection, all is not as it seems.

When the jumper came, Isabella quickly tried it on, only to discover the word California was spelled incorrectly, and in fact, said 'Caifornia.'

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The other sweatshirt Isabella purchased in the same order was a chocolate brown colour with what she thought, said; "YELLOWSTONE National Park" printed on the front.

Yet again, when Isabella tried on her order she was shocked to see it read 'YELLOWSTONE National Rark'.

Isabella went back to look at the pictures of the sweatshirts on the Shein website and noticed that even the images featured on the website had the same spelling mistakes.

She urged users to proofread their purchases before clicking buy.

Isabella wrote in the caption: "It’s already embarrassing enough wearing locations I’ve never even been to, let alone them being spelled wrong."

Users of the app couldn't help but laugh and others said they would have easily missed the spelling mistakes too.

One person wrote: "Why did it take me three years to realise it was spelled rark and not park."

"Not me nearly ordering that brown jumper earlier and not noticing that." Exclaimed another user.

A third person commented: "OMG. I wouldn't have noticed."

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