A BEAUTY fan woke up looking like a spider after trying out eyelash extensions and going for a nap.

TikTok user Sparkles, believed to be from the US, shared the epic fail after her freshly-applied individual lashes went all over the place.

According to the woman, her mum had recommended bonding the black lashes and even insisted they'd last three to four days.

But as Sparkles soon came to learn the hard way, this was not the case – and she was mortified after waking up from sleep.

Beyond baffled at what she was seeing in the reflection, Sparkles grabbed her phone and revealed the major disaster.

In a video posted on TikTok, the brunette could be seen with her face zoomed in and pillow marks all over her skin.

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However, the reason the clip went viral, winning more than 1.3million views, was the dire state of her lashes.

As some of the hairs were slanting in different directions, other extensions appeared to have come off completely, making for a hot mess.

''I thought these were supposed to last,'' viewers could hear the disappointment and confusion in her voice.

''I don't think so…''

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Sharing the hilarious fail on the platform, where she posts under the username @heathers1107, the beauty enthusiast added that her eyes now looked like two creepy crawlies.

''I woke up thinking a damn spider was on my face.''


Needless to say, the now-viral clip has taken the app by storm, leaving thousands in hysterics.

A fellow beauty lover said: ''this is me when I sleep in lashes, I even woke up with one stuck to my forehead.''

Someone else chuckled: ''yeoooooooooo that’s how yk [you know] the nap was good [sic].''

Explaining why she reckoned things had gone so horribly wrong, Sparkles said: ''I think I didn’t let them cure long enough before I went to bed. And I sleep face down [peach emoji] up.''

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