A WOMAN has been praised for hitting back at a date’s “body-shaming” bikini comments. 

TikTok user Haley @hay.baybay shared a screenshot of the conversation she had with the man from a dating app – and it didn’t go well.

In the chat, the man had clearly been trying to work out her body size, so Haley had said: “You want to make sure I’m not fat huh.”

The man left Haley reeling by replying: "I like skinny girls, yes.

"Not like super super skinny, but good enough to look good in a bikini, if that makes sense."

Fuming, Haley hit back with a savage response which has been praised online.

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She said: "Oh, well I like smart guys.

"Not like smart enough to do brain surgery, but smart enough to not say dumb things like that."

Haley’s video of the encounter has now gone viral and racked up over 394,000 views. 

One person commented: "This clap back is elite."

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Another added: "Why is tact such a hard thing for men?"

A third wrote: "This was the BEST comeback, super-smart and made me laugh.”

Some people tried to defend the man saying he had simply been “honest” about his type.

However, others replied that you can have a type without making others feel bad about themselves.

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