EVERYONE loves a good wedding. 

Heart-breaking vows, good music, food and dancing and a chance to catch up with friends and family.

And you get to dress up and dig out that old party dress you’ve had in your closet for a while.

But can we all agree there are certain things you definitely shouldn’t wear to a wedding? 

More specifically certain colours.

Hayleigh is a lifestyle and wellness influencer.

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In a recent video she asked her followers for help deciding what dress to wear to a wedding she was invited to.

But many viewers thought the colour of the dress crossed a line.

Hayleigh said: “Okay I need your honest opinion. Is this dress wedding guest appropriate?”

Hayleigh was wearing The Alba in white strawberry from Réalisation Par in an extra small.

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And the dress costs a whopping £235 so you can see why she may want to get the most out of it.

But viewers made it clear that the dress was not acceptable for a wedding.

One viewer said: “Absolutely NOT”

Many viewers said they thought the dress was pretty but not appropriate.

One commenter said: “No white to a wedding but it's a beautiful dress.”

Another commenter said: “No. it's very pretty though.”

Others suggested Hayleigh could add something to the dress to distract from it being all white.

One commenter said: “Maybe a coloured cardigan or jacket? I think on its own it’s a little too white.”

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Hayleighs video gained over 60,000 views and she posted a follow up video to confirm she would not be wearing the white strawberry dress to the wedding.

In the end Hayleigh decided to go for a brown dress to wear to the wedding.

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