A trailer and release date is out for director Brandon Cronenberg’s science-fiction Infinity Pool. Known for movies that converge science and horror, Cronenberg is the mastermind between 2012’s Antiviral and 2020’s Possessor.

Infinity Pool follows a rich couple, James and Em Foster, who go on vacation at an all-inclusive resort. There, they meet another couple and are invited to join them for a day excursion. A tragic accident occurs, and James is accused of crimes that are punishable by death. His only way out: to create a lifelike clone of his body during his sentenced execution.

Alexander Skarsgård stars as James and Cleopatra Coleman plays Em. Mia Goth is also in the main cast, playing a woman named Gabi, while French actor Jalil Lespert portrays Gabi’s husband, Alban. Thomas Kretschmann, meanwhile, appears as a character called Thresh, who presents James with his options for a way out.

Infinity Pool will premiere at Sundance 2023 in January, with a theatrical release slated for later that month on January 27.

Watch the trailer for Brandon Cronenberg’s Infinity Pool.

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