AN OPTICAL illusion claims to be able to tell you whether or not you're short-sighted.

The black and white image has pictures of two famous people in one.

And who you see in the snap can reveal if you have any vision issues.

The picture was shared on TikTok by the Interesting Things I Find page.

Over the top of the image was written: "Normal vision people will see Albert Einstein.

"Near sighted people will see Marilyn Monroe."

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If you look at the image and see Einstein, then you should "move your phone far away and squint".

"What do you see?" the video was captioned.

People were quick to comment on the post, with one writing: "Einstein first, Marilyn when I move phone away."

"When I take my glasses off I see Marilyn," another added.

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"Yk what I took my contacts out and it did change lol," a third marvelled.

"Holy moly," someone else commented.

"I have to really really squint hard to see Monroe," another added.

As someone else wrote: "Einstein at 1st, moved the phone like 150cm then squint and boom."

"OMG it worked!" another said.

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