If you grew up idolizing the Spice Girls, you're probably like me in that you can't imagine Miss Posh in anything but a latex mini dress and toppling boots. Like, even a trip to the beach would necessitate a full-on Fashion Goth ensemble, sandy chafed thighs be damned, right?

Even since leaving her erstwhile girl band persona in the past, Victoria Beckham has retained a strict uniform of self-serious diva proportions. So it's nothing short of alarming to see her gallivanting along the coast in a tiny floral mini dress that can only be described as, well, adorable. In an Instagram Story, Beckham posed next to a celeste-blue sea wearing a Realisation Par Isabelli in a rose-littered Rosalita pattern, which she paired with sunglasses from her own Victoria Beckham brand.

This wouldn't be Realisation Par's first A-lister fan. In the last couple of years, it's become known as a de facto hot-girl brand, with Emily Ratajkowski, Kylie Jenner, and Bella Hadid having worn it many, many times. Its viral leopard-print skirt was the subject of Instagram accounts and thinkpieces alike, and the brand even released a collection designed by the legendary Claudia Schiffer.

The Isabelli in Rosalita

Shop now: $180; realisationpar.com

In fact, it's not even Beckham's first time sporting a Realisation Par dress herself. Just over a year ago, Beckham selfied in the brand's Roxy mini dress in an intense Red Dragon silk. It's almost like Beckham never breaks character — except for this one exceptionally sexy brand. The sheer power that has.

Of course, no judgments coming from here. If Beckham is inspired to stray from her quintessential look, which usually involves turtlenecks and full-coverage bottoms, for a micro mini that dares to bare it all, we're going to follow her down that path, too.

Shop the dress that inspired Posh to drop the act, plus more hot-girl essentials from Realisation Par, below.

The Isabelli in Verona

Shop now: $180; realisationpar.com

The Isabelli in Illuminismo

Shop now: $180; realisationpar.com

The Roxy in Black Dragon

Shop now: $180; realisationpar.com

The Clementine in Super Daisy

Shop now: $250; realisationpar.com

The Naomi in Wild Things

Shop now: $180; realisationpar.com

The Ivy in Eden

Shop now: $240; realisationpar.com

The Alba in White Strawberry

Shop now: $240; realisationpar.com

The Liv in Rosalita

Shop now: $245; realisationpar.com

The Allegra in Milky Way

Shop now: $240; realisationpar.com

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