A MUM has hit back at trolls who have slammed her for not putting the heating on.

Meghan who is a nail technician from the UK took to TikTok to share her story.

In multiple videos on her account, candyrainuk, the mum revealed how she has been unable to turn her heating on this winter due to the sudden rise in energy bills.

Meghan shared some tips on how to stay warm while it was cold.

She said: "It's three degrees in the house this morning, here are some more tips to keep warm."

Meghan then listed ways she and her children were staying warm without turning the heating on.


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These included wearing coats and hats indoors, keeping the oven open after cooking, and closing all internal doors.

The mum's video went viral with over 600k views and people soon took to the comments section wondering why she couldn't turn the heating on.

One asked: "Can’t put the heating on but you have your nails done?

Another wrote: "Rather be in thousands of debt than not having the heating on for my kids."

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A third added: "Tight c**, managed to have your nails done but can’t put the heating on for the kids."

However, the mum hit back at those claiming she wasn't doing enough to keep her children warm.

Meghan first responded to comments questioning why she had her nails done if she couldn't afford to put the heating on.

She responded, saying: "My nails are free because I am a nail technician, judgemental c**."

For those wondering why Meghan hadn't gone into debt to keep her kids warm – she revealed that she already was in debt.

In another video, Meghan shared an image of her electricity bill, which showed she was £2,498.82 in debt.

Meghan said: "This is my current debt from a misread meter, and this is December's electric bill," as she shows another bill for £548.

"So yes, I'm limiting the electric heaters in my house," she added.

The mum claimed that dressing warm and limiting the electric heater was her only option for now.

Despite the negative comments left by trolls the um also received a lot of support and praise in the comments sections of her videos.

Many parents understood how difficult it was to turn the heating on with the cost of living crisis still raging through the UK.

One wrote: "Another person commented: "people saying put your heating on…

"You guys really not understanding that there is a huge hike in prices and people are so poor that they have to choose whether to eat or be warm.

"People saving money to put hot water for cleaning. You just have no idea."

A second person commented: "People commenting "put the heating on" are showing serious ignorance. I'm sorry you're going through this."

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"A lot of ignorance from people who don’t understand your situation or the situation in the UK in general at the moment. You’re doing a good job," a third penned.

Meanwhile a fourth added: "Wow some people are so judge mental! Some people can not afford to use their heating. This lady is doing what she can do."

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