The constant back-and-forth that comes with trying to save your favorite pair of jeans sometimes feels never-ending. It doesn’t matter how many washes they go through or how long they’ve been hanging in the back of your closet, the fit is almost always off. Sometimes, your jeans are way too loose around the waist and adding a belt makes no difference. Throw in a pair of high-waisted, boyfriend jeans and the drama intensifies.

Getting your too-large jeans altered is an option, but you have to be careful the original shape of your jeans isn’t drastically changed. Plus, the waist of your jeans is one of the hardest parts to tailor. Also, once you alter the waist, you can’t hit the undo button if your jeans end up shrinking in the wash (via StyleCaster). 

But like all things in life, TikTok has a solution for that. Here’s how you can save your too-large jeans without even leaving your house.

To alter your too-large jeans, all you need is this button pin and two minutes

Any time you’re having a fashion dilemma, nine times out of ten, TikTok will have an answer for it. A TikTok user posted a simple hack for making your jeans fit more snuggly without the use of scissors or anything else more permanent, and it’s honestly genius. She ordered a button pin from Amazon, and inserted it onto the waist of her jeans. Then, she just buttoned her pants using the pin and then boom, hello fitted jeans (via InStyle). 

What makes this style hack amazing is that the button pins are inexpensive and are ridiculously easy to use. The best part is that if your jeans shrink down the line or you feel like you need more room, you can easily remove the button pin. Now you can say goodbye forever to that annoying gap in your jeans that appears each time you sit. Little victories!

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