FOXES will do whatever they want, and that includes coming into your garden whenever they please.

While it might not seem like a big issue, foxes can do damage to plants in your garden and create a mess.

Thankfully, a gardening expert has revealed his top hacks to keep them out for good – and one costs as little as 30p.


Foxes are sensitive to smells, and there are some they won't go near.

Gardening expert at the Express, Chris Bonnett revealed vinegar was one of them.

He said: "There are some simple measures you can do that will keep foxes out of the garden without causing them harm.


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“Blocking exists and entrances and using natural ingredients to deter them like white vinegar are just a few ways to keep these animals out.”

Placing small plates of vinegar around your garden could be enough to keep them out for good.

You can pick up vinegar for as little as 30p from stores such as Tesco and Sainsbury’s.


These pests prefer being sneaky and roam in the dark, therefore make sure there's a light source in your garden.

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You can use solar lights or a motion sensor light to keep them at bay.

No entry

Obviously, making sure there are no entrances into your garden is vital to put them off.

Putting spikes on your fence, where foxes usually jump from will make it uncomfortable without hurting them.

Automatic water systems

Keeping an automatic water system on in the garden will startle foxes as well as other pests.

Again, it won't cause them harm, but will spook them enough to leave your garden promptly.

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