OUR own children are obviously the apples of our eye.

But one mum has been slammed for claiming she hates other children.

Taking to social media, Annabel Fenwick Elliot, from the UK, shared her thoughts on children.

She responded to a comment after she posted a video saying she didn't like other people's children and didn't find them cute.

The comment read: "I know it's just your opinion but it's pretty horrible to say you don't like or find other children cute except your own."

The mum-of-one started the video asking if her opinion was really that controversial.


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"I said in a recent video that I don't find any other babies or children cute other than my own," she said.

"And I stand by it – I really don't."

Annabel went on to explain that there are some children she finds pleasant, but there were none that she would choose to spend time with, preferring to keep to the company of animals.

She went on to explain the dog she was living with at the moment had just accidentally eaten her son's poo, and she still preferred it to most children.

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"I didn't even think I'd have my own children honestly, and there are lots of children I actively dislike, more than grown-ups, I really don't like," she continued.

"And children/babies who are mean to my baby, I know they're not being mean on purpose but kids who push him, or pull his hair, or try to bite him – I hate them, I hate those children.

"I don't even not like them, I hate them, am I not allowed to say that?"

The clip posted to her TikTok account @annabelmaud soon went viral and many parents chimed in on the debate in the comments section.

Many seemed to side with Annabel and claimed they weren't big fans of other people's children either.

One person wrote: "AMEN, why do people believe just because we are mothers that we are obliged to love children, I on the whole generally find it hard to."

Another commented: "Loads of people feel the same way! Me included!"

"Nope I feel this exact same way," penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: "I think I feel the same (with exceptions ) but because it was always considered mean or forbidden to express I have never said it."

"I completely agree. I feel the same way,” claimed a fifth.


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Someone else added: "Sounds quite normal to me."

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