A HOMEOWNER has shared the three minute rule you have to use to get rid of condensation.

One of the easiest ways to get rid of condensation in the home is by opening up the windows effected, but that's the last thing we want to do when the weather is so cold.

Fortunately, a homeowner has shared the clever hack used around Germany to keep the home condensation and mould free without letting the heat escape.

Condensation can start off as just a nuisance, but it can soon turn into black mould if left untreated which comes with a variety of health risks.

Damp and mould in your home means you're more likely to have respiratory problems, respiratory infections, allergies or asthma, states the NHS.

Taking to social media, they revealed: “In Germany, we have a technique called ‘Stoffluften’.



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The technique involves a three-minute rule to get rid of condensation without letting all your pricey heating escape.

They continued: "What that[…] means is that instead of having maybe one window open all day (which is a […] waste of energy), open several windows all over the house for three minutes.

"[…] [This creates] a draft to exchange most of the warm humid air inside the house with cold air from outside.

“A cool feature about cold air is that it can ‘hold’ less water vapour. If this relatively dry cold air enters your house, it warms up.”

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“This might sound a little weird at first but it is adopted in schools and so on. I use the technique and it works. Do this several times a day and you should see a change," they added when posting to Reddit.

The best time to open up all the windows and use the method is after performing a task like showering or cooking where humidity levels are at their highest.

Closing the doors to other areas of the house while doing these tasks and after can also stop condensation spreading.

Plus, homeowners have shared a £2 trick to keep your windows draught and condensation free.

And the easy way to quickly heat your home up without any extra gadgets.

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