Simple and Stylish Outfit Formulas You Can Rely on All Winter

For a lot of people, the arrival of winter means the joy of the holiday season, the magic of a first snowfall, and the unparalleled comfort of snuggling up under a fuzzy blanket. But it also brings about a unique struggle when it comes to getting dressed each day — the age-old battle between warmth and style. If we could go back and give our younger selves one piece of advice, it would be to bring that jacket out, even if it might ruin an outfit. After all, nothing truly ruins an outfit like shivering and crossing your arms over it because you are turning into a human popsicle waiting to get into a bar. But we digress.

Luckily, Gap has an endless array of winter pieces that are equal parts comfortable and cute. Between trendy sherpa and luxe velour, you’ll wonder why you ever dreaded getting dressed to go out in the cold. Below, we break down four foolproof outfit formulas that you can recycle all winter long. Staying warm has never looked so cool.

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