SELF-confessed ‘lazy’ mums have been sharing their parenting hacks including using paper plates to avoid washing up and cooking frozen food in the toaster. 

All parents are guilty of putting cartoons on or giving their kids snacks for dinner when they want an easy life, but these women have made it an art form. 

Mums are proudly sharing their ideas to cut corners, with a few reckoning they’ve even invented some time-saving tactics. 

They’re sharing their hacks on TikTok under the hashtag #lazymoms, which have racked up hundreds of views. 

Food is a key theme among mums, with parents rustling up time-saving lunches and quick-fix breakfasts. 

One woman shared a clip revealing what she makes for her toddler in the morning, captioning the clip: “Breakfast is served.”

It shows her getting a pack of frozen hash browns out the freezer, before putting one in the toaster.

She then toasts it on the other side, before chopping it up into three pieces and serving it to her daughter. 

The idea went down a storm online, as other mums suddenly realised you could cook the potato-based snack in the toaster.

Commenting on the clip, one person said: “That’s breakfast sorted for the next 30yrs. Cheers.” 

Another asked: “You cook hash browns in a toaster.” 

A third commented: “You’ve changed a lot of women’s lives.”

While this person wrote: “Wait what is that wizardry cooking hash browns in the toaster.” 

After serving meals, you usually need to wash up but one mum was sick of scrubbing plates. 

Instead she decided to dish up dinner on disposable plates, and simply bin them afterwards. 

She said: “Lockdown got me like, nope not washing up today paper plates it is.” 

And she captioned the clip with the hashtags #lazymummy and #idontcare.

Another woman had the same idea, as she served up a dinner of sandwiches with Babybels, string cheese and Dairylea on paper plates, which she captioned ‘#lazymummy’. 

One mum made the mistake of using crockery for her kids, and was left with a mountain of washing up. 

In her clip she shows the kitchen counters covered in plates, cutlery and cups, as she wrote: “Let my weekend dishes pile up, who else? (wish it were this easy).” 

Packing lunchboxes is another food-related chore which you can’t dodge, and most mums have been guilty of sending their kids off to school with leftovers or snacks. 

In response to the growing trend of complicated lunches, one mum jokingly filmed herself throwing tin cans and a loaf of bread into her kid’s bag. 

She said: “Watching moms make fresh quac and star-shaped sandwiches for their kid’s lunches like…”

The mum added she was “really just jealous”, but admitted she was a ‘#lazymom’. 

A few parents have shared their life-changing inventions, with one mum creating a bottle holder and toddler toy out of old hairbands. 

The mum wrote: “When you realize you have a lot scrunchies.”

Clearly chuffed with her idea, she captioned the clip ‘#invention’, along with ‘#lazymom’ and ‘#hoarding’.

Another mum came up with a genius way to entertain her kids with minimal effort – and her idea involves a rope. 

She shared a clip of her kid enjoying themselves in a makeshift swing she set up, as she wrote: “Did I hang a swing in my basement?

“Did I tie a rope to it so I could sit on my couch and be lazy?

“Ya I did, I did.”

And embarrassed by the background, she added: “Excuse the mess, it’s the kids area.”

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