EVERYONE'S looking for different ways to save money on their food bills amid the cost of living crisis.

And one saver has created an entire TikTok account devoted to helping people come up with meal ideas that won't break the bank.

A lot of the recipe suggestions involved pasta, prompting one person to ask: "What if I'm broke but don't like pasta?"

They then shared a TikTok detailing a rice dish, which began with boiling 150 grams of Lidl's value white rice – 48p for 1kg.

Next, they microwaved half a tin of peas – 24p a can – and added to the cooked rice, along with salt and a squeeze of tomato ketchup.

"19 pence a dish," they wrote over the top.

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But not everyone was impressed by the food suggestion, with one writing: "Omg this is a crime against food."

"Add a bit of chicken to it and you’re paying £15 in a restaurant," the poster retorted.

"What sort of combination is that?" another said.

"Absolutely not," a third commented.

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"So sad people have to result to this," someone else wrote.

However, others thanked the poster for their suggestion.

"Thank you, this will help me on days I have barely anything in," one commented.

"I used to have this near enough everyday at one stage! it fills the gap," another said.

"With the cost of living up. I don't see anything wrong with this. At least you won't go hungry," someone else wrote.

"Why is everyone leaving such mean comments?" another commenter raged.

"This creator is helping people avoid empty bellies, it’s not a cooking contest."

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