Coming off of his head-turning Coachella performance, Bad Bunny surprise drops a new collaborative track with Mexican group, Grupo Frontera. The song, “un x100to” marsk the first collaboration between the two, and the second regional Mexican collab for Benito.

The track, produced and composed by Latin hitmaker Edgar Barrer adds his romantic cumbia-norteño spin on Grupo Frontera’s signature sound. With a captivating melody and percussion, the song narrates the story of someone who misses their ex, while making a phone call with just 1% battery left on their phone.

In an interview with Zane Lowe Show on Apple Music 1, Grupo Frontera revealed that at first, they did not know Bad Bunny would be on their song until the day of their music video. Their producer Barrera said that they would be surprised upon arrival and had even filmed a portion of the music video not knowing that Bad Bunny would be there. The band shared, “And all of a sudden from the trailer comes out Benito. If you look closely at the video to either one of our faces, when Benito starts singing his part, we didn’t know that was going to be in the song. So we’re really surprised. We’re being 100 percent serious with you. We did not hear Bad Bunny’s part in the song until the day of the video. So when that part comes out and we were shooting the video, I froze. Having a song with Bad Bunny is just something that…It’s unexplainable.”

Watch the video and listen to the song below.

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