A PROFESSIONAL cleaner has revealed there is a tiny area of your shower you may be neglecting to clean. 

Kacie, from Melbourne, did a video showing how the 'strip' at the bottom of many showers can get full of gunk.

She demonstrated on TikTok how the strip can easily be removed and cleaned. 

She said: “Here's a little something you might be neglecting when you clean your shower.

“There is a plastic strip at the bottom [of your shower].”

Kacie said you may need to apply some pressure if you’ve never removed the strip before, and continued: “Once it's off you can clean it. You can soak it, brush it, whatever.”

Kacie said that if it is “past cleaning” you can simply replace it with a new part. 

Over 250,000 people watched the clip, with many saying they were left “amazed” at the home tip. 

One wrote: “I never knew this came off, you learn something new every day.”

Another added: “Oh my God, this has changed my life, thank you so much.”

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