Gordon Murray of McLaren F1 design fame and his eponymous brand Gordon Murray Automotive have revealed a new take on the T.50 hypercar, dubbed the T.50s “Niki Lauda.”

The late Lauda was a three-time F1 World Drivers’ Champion who performed throughout the ’70s and ’80s, winning in 1975, 1977 and 1984. Announced on his birthday (February 22), Gordon Murray Automotive has showcased the all-new and highly-limited track version of its T.50 supercar, which ramps up power and the overall driving experience for something that’s going to be one of the rarest track specials in the world upon its release.

Only 25 models of the T.50s “Niki Lauda” will be built once 100 of the standard models have been completed in 2023. Once they are built, the lucky customers will be subjected to a T.50s that packs a V12 pushing 725 HP and a redline of 12,100 RPM, which is sure to be an extremely visceral experience as the model only weighs 852 kg. Upgrades from the base model include redesigned cylinder heads and camshafts, as well as a new straight-through exhaust system with thinner Inconel walls for a truly commanding sound, while all the power will be put to the tarmac through an X-Trac six-speed paddle-shift transmission.

As told by Carscoops, Gordon Murray says, “In my view, it doesn’t get better than that and is driving in its purest form… The T.50s Niki Lauda will give a visceral connection between driver, car, and track, the like of which has not been experienced to date.” He added, “I can just imagine going round your favorite circuit, sitting in the middle with that unsilenced V12 screaming just behind you – the driving experience will be something special. With a power to weight ratio better than that of a naturally aspirated LMP1 car, it is also going to be searingly quick and, with such a low weight, will change direction like an F1 car.”

Ultra-lightweight carbon fiber has been used throughout the T.50s’ design and all of these panels are completely unique to this model, which contributes to its extreme lack of weight. Elsewhere, we see performance-focused springs, dampers, and anti-roll bar optimized for the track, as well as a ride height that’s 87mm lower at the front and 116mm lower at the rear than the standard T.50.

Despite all of this, the T.50s will deliver up to 1,500kg of downforce thanks to a larger rear diffuser, a new “Delta” rear wing, and a front end that further encourages air to push around the side into the air intakes. All of this performance, poise, and precision, coupled with the limited nature of the beast, does come at a cost though. Each model will cost from approximately $4.3m USD — a considerable increase over the $3m USD base cost of the standard T.50.

Take a look at the Gordon Murray Automotive T.50s “Niki Lauda” above, and expect to see these (albeit in very few numbers) from around 2023.

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