The summer 2021 fashion story is all about colour.

Lilacs, pinks, greens and strong blue hues are in, along with psychedelic prints and patterns.

It’s a season that isn’t holding back, which is refreshing as we move away from loungewear and the monochrome fashion of pre-pandemic life.

However, with this shift has come some unexpected off-shoot trends, and one of the most surprising is plastic rings.

If you ever dressed up as a princess as a child, you will know that plastic earrings, necklaces, rings and tiaras helped you play the part.

Well, now this jewellery is being made for grown-ups in plastic and plastic-like materials such as resin. Kitschy and chunky, this style has been adorning the hands of art manicured nails and brightening our social media feeds.

Made for the maximalist, these rings are bright and fun, made to be stacked and experimented with, but are they worth the purchase?

This style has been a niche trend for quite some time, with early adapters La Manso causing fashion ripples three years ago. Founded by Barcelona-based designer Adriana Manso, the creative was inspired by her grandmother’s collection of glamorous acrylic jewellery. When she couldn’t find items of her own in the mainstream, her brand was formed.

Since being seen on the likes of Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid, the style quickly made its way to the Instagram and TikTok playgrounds. And now it is one of summer’s most exposed trends.

While these rings are in vogue and attractive to look at, we must remember how quickly this style came to popularity and how swiftly it could disappear. Despite our efforts to become more conscious shoppers, trend cycles are still as ruthless as ever.

Once a trend is deemed outdated, it’s taken out of our baskets and into a sartorial graveyard, never to be seen again until it can be described as vintage.

So for trends such as this, the key is to be smart and savvy.

When purchasing, really think about the ‘why’ behind your purchase. Is it because you really love the trend and it’s an extension of your style?

Or is it because you saw your favourite influencer donning it and you want to be seen as stylish?

If it’s the former, chances are you will wear these pieces long after their fashion use-by date. Yet if it’s the latter, chances are these items will be forgotten and at some point, discarded completely.

Dipping into trends is natural and isn’t harmful if done responsibly. So, if you truly want to try a style, buy one piece and see how it fits in your wardrobe. Beware of investing heavily in a trend such as this, think about longevity always.

If you do wish to invest in plastic and resin rings, due to their popularity, they are easy to find. ASOS and Etsy have an extensive range at inexpensive prices meaning you can experiment without breaking the bank.

And if you are willing to spend more, try La Manso and Smell The Cactus.

All in all, what deems a trend ‘worthy’ is entirely based on personal opinion, style and circumstance.

Just remember to always be mindful when popping that shining and stylish item into your basket.

Summer 2021 may be all about colour and a ‘big or go home’ attitude, but next year could be a different fashion story.

Best plastic rings to buy and try

ASOS Design heart design rings

Get them for £6 at ASOS.

La Manso Dolphin Era ring

Get it for approx £60 from La Manso.

Etsy chunky ring

Get it for £10.80 from Etsy.

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