HAVE you ever looked at a loofah and wondered just where it comes from?

Well, one woman has explained – and has blown people's minds in the process.

Vanessa took to TikTok to share how she "grew her own" loofahs in the garden… dispelling rumours that they all "grow in the ocean".

"It grows on a vine like this," she said.

"This is actually a ridge Gord loofah.

"There's a sponge in there. One loofah could grow a football field worth of loofah vines."

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Someone suggested to Vanessa that she boil the loofah to get the skin off, and it "totally worked", she said.

While it was "super gross", the skin then came off easily and "I was left with beautiful loofah sponges".

"I can use them in the shower or to do my dishes with," she added.

"They're completely compostable and all natural.

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"And make a pretty good Christmas gift, too."

And people were quick to comment on the video, with the majority admitting they had no idea that's where loofahs came from.

"Wait….loofah is grown and not made?" one questioned.

"This was the year I found out that loofah came from a plant," another added.

"Write this down in the list of things I didn't know and feel weird about," a third admitted.

"Well you learn something new everyday," someone else commented.

"I was 46 yrs old when I learnt loofahs aren't from the sea!!" another added, to which someone else replied that some do.

"My mum grows them! I thought they were massive zucchinis at first," someone else wrote.

"If all that was just 2 seeds I regret planting about 30 seeds!" another joked, after Vanessa revealed she'd got 22 sponges from her plants.

"Ok…. But how long does it last?" another asked.

"Like I’m actually curious!

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"And is there any preparations need to use it? Or is it just cut and use?"

To which Vanessa replied: "Just dry, cut and use just like a regular sponge."

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