Did Taylor Swift drop a Travis Kelce easter egg in one of her most recent posts?!

On Monday, the Karma singer took to Instagram and X (Twitter) to thank fans for some “electric” shows in Argentina after beginning the South American leg of her Eras Tour. She wrote:

“Andddd we’re back at it! Starting off the South American leg of The Eras Tour in Argentina = best decision possible. I can’t even express my gratitude to the Buenos Aires crowds. I’d never been to Argentina before and they gave us the most electric, magical memories. Thanks to the amazing fans whose show was postponed Friday for coming back Sunday and blowing us away with your passion and excitement. See you next weekend, Rio!!”


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Pretty standard stuff, right? Well, fans actually have a couple theories…

If you’ve watched any of the Kansas City Chiefs tight end’s New Heights podcasts, you’ll know a word frequently thrown around is “electric” — which the Anti-Hero singer just so happened to use in her post! Was this just a coincidence, or are there dots to be connected? Well, fans seem to think the latter.

On X (Twitter), they didn’t let the 33-year-old’s use of the word slide:

“the amount of times travis uses the word ‘electric’ in his podcast and the fact that taylor used it in her last post, oh the influence”


“Electric you say? Pretty sure that’s one of Travis’s fav words to use he says it at least once a podcast.. she seems to be already adopting some of his lingo”

“travis using the word ‘electric’ to describe the show like 47 times in the podcast and taylor using ‘electric’ in her caption about the buenos aires show is absolutely not a coincidence”

And that wasn’t the only easter egg fans think Taylor included!! She also concluded her post with a kissing emoji, which social media users seem to think was in reference to her and Travis’ steamy kiss:

“Seeing Taylor kiss Travis from multiple angles this weekend and now she’s using the emoji like babes”

“She put the god damn kiss emoji lmao she knew what she was doing”

Hmmmm. What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Are fans reaching, or is she totally giving Travis a subtle shoutout? Let us know down in the comments!

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