PEOPLE are just realising the disgusting reason you should never use a hotel quilt, and it’s left everyone horrified. 

A cleaning pro has revealed that while hotel staff wash bedding between every guest visit, the quilt – or comforter, as it’s otherwise known – is left to fester. 

The woman, posting under Home Reimagined, captions the short clip: “Did you know that most hotels only clean their duvets and comforters once a year? 

“The sheer volume of rooms they manage and the time it takes for duvets to dry make it challenging to have backups readily available. 

“That’s why many hotels opt for sheets on top and bottom of the cover, acting as a makeshift ‘duvet’ cover.

“However, to ensure a truly fresh and clean sleep experience, it’s best to say no to the hotel comforter.” 

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In the video, she films herself walking up to a hotel room bed and touching the top quilt. 

She pulls the quilt all the way back as a huge red cross appears on the screen, advising viewers to listen up. 

The text reads: “Hotel tip: Always remove the comforter, never sleep with it.

“Use the sheets that are washed between guests.”

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But if it’s chilly and you need an extra layer, what do you do? 

Luckily, the woman has the perfect answer.

“Embrace the crisp sheets and bring your own blanket for ultimate peace of mind and hygiene,” she says. 

Millions of people have viewed the TikTok video and freely shared their own disgust at the woman’s revelation. 

One user said: “I strip the bed before I leave and put everything in a pile on the floor. 

“Then they have no excuse to not wash it.” 

A second replied: “Former housekeeper. Can confirm. They told us unless it’s visibly dirty, we don’t change duvets…nice.” 

And a third revealed: “I can confirm. I worked for a four star hotel and the pillows and comforter were covered in stains, even blood stains.” 

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