In an interview for Men’s Health cover story, the ‘In Da Club’ rapper reveals the reason why he no longer wears his signature item as often as he did in the beginning of his career.

AceShowbiz50 Cent has dished on his safety measure. When explaining the reason why he ditched his signature bulletproof vest, the “In Da Club” rapper revealed what he’s got in place of the item which he wore often at the beginning of his career.

“When did I stop wearing the bulletproof vest? I don’t have a specific timeline for that,” he shared in an interview with Men’s Health that was published on Friday, August 4. He went on to share, “You know what happened? I got other things. I had gotten vehicles, like, full-blown level 6. The same stuff [Barack Obama] is riding around in.”

“So it didn’t make sense to have to wear it every day because it was like in between that one space that I was going into the building and coming out of the building,” Fif elaborated. “So, I started to wear it less but this is almost like my hallmark. In the beginning of my career, I was seen more often with it than without it.”

During the chat, the “Power” star/co-creator credited his pal and fellow rapper Eminem for being a “safe place” to him. “I guess he just wanted me to win the entire time,” he gushed. “You don’t even know you can make a relationship like that in the older adult stages of your life… he just came in and was that guy for me.”

50 Cent further discussed his work on developing Eminem’s film titled “8 Mile” into a TV series. About his goal, he stated that he aims “to make diversity seem the norm.” He explained, “I want to be able to create projects that command attention by being multicultural projects, not just black projects.”

On the reason why, Fif divulged, “If you make a project [with an] all-white cast, you’re up against the greatest cinematography of all time, because it’s been done so well for so long… When you start to offer different cultures, different people’s journeys and stuff like that, we can tap into something that hasn’t been done. And it could be amazing. It could be a step forward.”

Elsewhere in the interview, 50 Cent showered his celebrity crush and Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren with praises. “She’ll look at you, and you go, ‘Oh s**t!’ I don’t care how old she get, I don’t give a f**k what nobody says, she’s sexy,” he exclaimed.

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