Fashion trends come and go. Some stick around for a long time and others fade away almost as quickly as they began. While some fashion trends will go down in history as the absolute worst ideas ever — acid wash jeans, anyone? — others have been celebrated throughout the years. 

Some designers eschew trends, and want to focus on creating and designing clothing that is artistic and memorable. Others, like Marc Jacobs, focus on what their customers will actually wear. As Style Caster noted Jacobs’s fashion philosophy goes something like this”: “The customer is the final filter. What survives the whole process is what people wear. I’m not interested in making clothes that end up in some dusty museum.”

The List recently surveyed 574 of our female readers and asked one question: What fashion trend should die off for good? As you might have guessed, our readers had plenty of opinions and thoughts on the matter!

Women think this fashion trend should be put to bed

At the very top of the list of fashion trends that our readers want to end: Wearing pajamas as clothes! A full 27% (158) of our respondents cited this as the most egregious style transgression (and we don’t blame them one bit).

The second style choice that our readers despise is low-waisted jeans. Nearly 14%, or 78 of our readers, said they woud love to see this trend fade away. GARAGE credits the revival of low-waisted jeans to designer Alexander McQueen, who debuted a denim style known as “The Bumster” at his first-ever fashion show.

In 1996, McQueen told The Guardian what he had in mind when he came up with the style. “I wanted to elongate the body, not just show the bum. To me, that part of the body — not so much the buttocks, but the bottom of the spine — that’s the most erotic part of anyone’s body, man or woman.”

The other fashions trends women would like to get rid of include: catsuits (14%), Uggs (11%), high-waisted jeans (10%), and bike shorts (6%). And after spending the COVID-19 pandemic dressed in nothing but sweats, these women might inevitably get their wish!

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