The situation in the Conway household appears to be escalating dangerously.

As we previously reported, 16-year-old Claudia Conway recently substantiated her accusations of abuse against her mother, Kellyanne Conway, with footage of the Republican spokeswoman seemingly hurling verbal abuse. (The videos have since been deleted from Claudia’s TikTok, but you can find them HERE.)

The teenager told followers she has sought help from authorities in the past, and no longer believes anyone will help her. In other since-deleted posts (example below), police showed up at the Conway house and appeared to take Kellyanne’s side in the dispute.

Regardless of the truth behind Claudia’s allegations, the fraught relationship between mother and daughter has clearly become harmful and potentially dangerous. This was never more clear than on Monday night, when a topless photo of Claudia (we’ll reiterate, a minor) was posted to Kellyanne’s Twitter via the Fleets feature. The photo was deleted before the 24-hour Fleet expired, but not before being documented by other users. According to Variety, Twitter is investigating the incident.

In a pair of since-deleted TikToks (later posted to Twitter, below), Claudia confirmed that the photo was real. She shared:

“Apparently that’s real, and so here’s what I guess happened. The picture’s from months ago, and I’m assuming that when my mom took my phone — any time she’s taken it, because she takes it all the time — she took a picture of that. So that was on her phone, I guess she accidentally posted it or somebody hacked her. But, nobody would ever have any photo like that. Ever. Um… so Kellyanne, you’re going to f**king jail.”

In the follow up, she said:

“I’m shaking, I don’t know what to do. Nobody would ever have that photo, ever. It was on my phone, I don’t think I’ve ever sent it to anyone. So I’m assuming that my mom took a picture of it to use against me someday, and then somebody hacked her or something. Because there is no physical, possible way that anybody would have that photo of me. I’m literally at a loss for words, and… if you see it, report it. My mom deserves to go to jail. That’s unreal. She’s the only person that has it. Just talked to my ex, she was, like… that’s insane.”

Neither Kellyanne nor her husband George Conway have commented on the incident. (Claudia posted earlier this month that her father “wants nothing to do our family and leaving for good.”)

Social media followers have speculated that the Fleet was not a hack or an accident, but a way for the Trump administration alum to punish her daughter. Some labeled the act “revenge porn.” Internet star Tana Mongeau is one of those who began tweeting “#justiceforclaudia” in response to the breach.

Tana livestreamed a FaceTime call with Claudia, where the young woman could be heard arguing with her mother before the police arrived. The influencer described Kellyanne’s treatment of her daughter on the call, saying:

“she fully called every mean thing you ever could. name etc. broke my heart. truly hopes she knows she’s none of that”

She also reposted a clip from the livestream, where a cop can be seen hanging up the call on Claudia’s phone:

In another segment from the stream, Kellyanne can be heard telling the police, “Please take her away, she’s an addict,” seemingly referring to her daughter being addicted to her phone:

Whatever happened for the topless photo to be posted, the incident needs to be thoroughly investigated, and Claudia needs to be protected from such an egregious (and illegal) breach of privacy. Abuse allegations aside, the videos we’ve seen so far suggest that Claudia and Kellyanne’s relationship has become completely unhealthy and unproductive. We hope the teen gets the help and safety she deserves.

Check out some more Twitter reactions, below:

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