A BEAUTY fan has hit back at the meanies who came after her for getting a BBL in Turkey.

Despite being dubbed the most dangerous plastic surgery in the world, the notorious Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is still as popular as ever, and one of those who looked past the dark statistics was TikTok user Amy Jayne (@amyjayneeex).

After doing extensive research, the stunning blonde convinced her two pals to tag along and fly overseas to Turkey, where they'd all get surgery.

Amy, who had also initially planned to get a tummy tuck, shared the makeover journey on TikTok, where it's since faced major backlash.

Numerous people flocked to comments to share their concerns, claiming that the 31-year-old could've achieved the same results by working out.

''What if you die? Why not go to the gym?'' one wondered.

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''Most dangerous surgery you can get,'' another added.

Someone else shared their horror story, writing: ''Don't do it, they botched my partner.

''Now she's fighting for her life in a hospital in the UK.''

After being met with criticism, Amy, who also had a stomach liposuction, shared a response, hitting back at the negative remarks.

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Proving she was all fine and alive, the blonde reckoned the surgery was worth it, as her bum looked ''banging''.

Explaining why she had decided to jet off to the sunny country, the 31-year-old claimed that she had had a negative experience with the surgeons back home.

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''I got botched in the UK about four years ago,'' said Chloe who was left with a life-threatening infection.

''Nearly lost my nipple, ended up with sepsis.''

She went on: ''It is a risk when you have surgery and I understood a lot of the risks.''

Chatting to the Sun, Mr. Mo Akhavani, Consultant Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon at The Plastic Surgery Group, explained the procedure can be seriously risky – and why people need to choose their surgeon wisely.

Mo said: “I’ve been to Canada, the States and Brazil and met with the guys who pioneered the procedure – and I’ve learnt all the pitfalls and the things that shouldn’t be done.

“When you compare it [BBL] to other standard procedures it does have a fairly high complication rate – serious complications, even death.

“That’s mainly because of people who don’t understand what they’re doing with the fat.

“You have to be careful with where you inject it and how you inject it.”

He added: “Fat is the safest thing to do – it’s yours, it’s not foreign material, it’s not likely to be rejected.

“Permanent fillers, like silicone, are a definite ‘no no’ – there are too many complications such as infection, horrible cysts and unsightly scarring.”

He went on: “If you don’t have enough fat to harvest then there’s no point really having the procedure.

“The second part is injecting the fat back in.

“You have to respect the anatomy of the buttock and how deep you go – if you end up injecting the fat into the muscle, because of its high blood supply, you can end up with serious problems and even cardiac arrest.

“This is avoidable if you [the surgeon] follow the safety procedures.

“If somebody injects fat into the wrong place and goes deep into the muscle, then the chances of the patient getting muscle necrosis – muscle death – and fat going into the vascular system (which you can die from) are increased.''

Mo added that patients may end up with all sorts of unsightly lumps and bumps if they are not careful with their choice of surgeon.

He said: “If somebody’s not careful, they could do the liposuction badly and you can get contour deformities and bumps everywhere.

“Your body can end up looking much worse than it was before – because you’ll have chunks missing.”

Something else that patients might not realise is that their bums will be 50 to 60 per cent smaller six months after their operation.

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Mo said: “We know that in the first three to six months, about 50 per cent of the volume injected is lost – just because of the way it is.

“It’s a graft, our bodies can’t cope with everything at the same time, but what’s left after about six to nine months is left long-term.''

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